Kate Spade Walk On Air Clutch


The two most playful evening accessories that I like are perfume clutches and book clutches, but we’ve also seen styles like Ladybug Clutch or Watermelon Clutch by Charlotte Olympia.

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READ: Charlotte Olympia Watermelon Clutch Bag

It just makes your life a little bit more interesting.

These evening bags also serve as a great conversation starter, you know.

Though many fashion brands make perfume clutches nowadays, I still want to share with you Kate Spade Walk On Air Bag. It style is mixed somewhere between chic and playful.

The design is exactly the copy of the recently-introduced Walk On Air Fragrance. The perfume was launched on March 2015, which also cause plenty of buzz.

More, this walk on air clutch bag is crafted from clear plastic bauble that has the exact size to hold your going-out essentials, like cash, lipstick and two or three cards. It’s designed with a black bow and a silver shoulder chain that’s removable.

Measuring 5’ x 5.1’ x 1.8’ (H x W x D) inches, priced at $368 USD via Kate Spade e-store.



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