Kate Spade Steamline Stow Away And Carry On


If there’s a bag that can put a smile on my face, that will be the Kate Spade Steamline Stow Away and the Carry on. A very long name indeed, not sure why it’s called Stow away, but that doesn’t discourage me from looking at this bag in different angles. A super cute, unique handbag, Kate Spade sure knows how to distinguish you from the crowd.

Now, let’s look at the design. Yup, it’s yelling, can you hear that? It’s YELLING for attention. Imagine you using this luggage on your way to your vacation Island. White, brown, yellow, orange and with a clever silver spade marked on the top, everyone will notice this bag.

The colors might be a bit exaggerated, but do know that we are walking away from the boring, unoriginal handbags we see on daily basis. This luggage will put not only a smile on your face, but also on others. And given that’s really fun to carry one, it will flaunt your positive personality.

The logo of Kate Spade is marked on the top, but I am really missing it on the front. I mean, the bag is an attention grabber already, it wouldn’t hurt to inform to the public that it’s actually a Kate Spade luggage bag.



Kate Spade Steamline Stow Away At
Kate Spade Online Store For $698


<img src="http://www.bragmybag.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/PSRU1247_645.jpg" alt="PSRU1247_645" width="467" height="623" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-9985" /

Kate Spade Steamline Carry On At
Kate Spade Oline Store For $628


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  • Anonymous


    actually I like this laguage bag so cute! I saw also the website its very original and the prices are so convinient love it! thanks again sassy 🙂

    May 30, 2013
    • Kathy


      Just saw this luggage and was wondering where to get it!!! I see 3 pieces on the picture, does the cosmetic piece even exist?? Appreciate any help you can offer!

      October 11, 2013

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