J’Adior Phone Pouch Case


We’ve seen a few Dior phone cases before and they’re never a disappointment. For example, the Lady Dior Zipped iPhone Pouch, remember? Or the Dior Stardust Phone Pouch, remember? But we do think that the J’Adior version is the best of all (for now of course). Why? Because it’s a true bragger, don’t you think? So meet the J’Adior Phone Case for the Spring 2018 Collection.

The Design

Image the importance of an iPhone – you will be carrying and holding it from day to night. So is it necessary to get your iPhone covered with something more stylish? You bet it does.

The J’Adior Phone Case is a simple case. There are no studs like the previous Lady Dior versions, which should make it look classic right? But nah, the J’Adior logo in extremely large size as well the two big stars are drawing all the attention. And the gold hardware only makes it more exciting.

The Case is crafted from grained calfskin. And oh, did we tell you that it comes with a 120 cm chain?

The Interior

It’s called a case, but the interior is quite amazing. I think it can be used as a temporary wallet. So the inside is made with 1 flat pocket and 4 card slots. So it can carry slightly more than only your iPhone.

The Prices and Sizes

Measuring 8 x 14.2 cm, priced at $800 USD, €660 EUR, £630 GBP via Dior boutiques.

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