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Is This The New Chanel Medium XXL Bag?

Is This The New Chanel Medium XXL Bag

What’s going on at Chanel? Do we have 3 sizes of the Chanel XXL Bag? If you’re interested, then listen to this amazing story.

Here’s what we’ve discovered:

It started with the Chanel XXL Bag. It was supposed to be a carry-on bag, an essential on top of the Coco Trolley.

But instead, the Coco Trolley became a nice travel bag, however the fashionista’s started to use the XXL Bag as an everyday bag. Thus, the XXL Bag became the Classic Bag that’s bigger than the Maxi. Everyone loves a Big Bag nowadays.

It didn’t stop there, Chanel went further. They reinvented the XXL Bag by introducing different leathers and sizes. And the new sizes confirm that the XXL Bags are here to stay. Because why would Chanel spend time making 3 sizes of this gorgeous extremely large handbags that are as famous as the Classic Flap Bags today?

We did a special post about the Small and Large size when they introduced the Large one last season. Read more here: The Chanel XXL Bag has two sizes now.

So I think we now have 3 sizes. In order to make it easier for you. We’ve decided to put all these sizes once more under one umbrella:

Chanel Small XXL Classic Bag
Style code: AS1039
Size: 9.4’ x 15.4’ x 4.3’ inches

Chanel Medium XXL Classic Bag
Style code: AS1406
Size: 10’ x 16.9’ x 6.3’ inches

Chanel Large XXL Classic Bag
Size: A91169
Size: 11.2’ x 18.3’ x 6.5’ inches

And now compare that to the Chanel Classic Maxi Bag: 9.1’ x 13’ x 3.9’ inches. Can you see? The Maxi is now the smallest of these 3 XXL Bags. But it’s kind-of weird to have a ‘Small’ or ‘Medium’ size of an XXL Bag. Anyways, each of these gorgeous bags have the same shape.

So what do you think? Will this make shopping for the XXL Bag more confusing or is it better to have more choices?

Is This The New Chanel Medium XXL Bag

Is This The New Chanel Medium XXL Bag

Is This The New Chanel Medium XXL Bag


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