Hermes Tohubohu Bag


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Hermes Tohubohu Bag


The Hermes Tohubohu Bag is something you’d want for yourself! It’s a fine small leather good that’s coming out for you. It may look too basic for you, but hear us out when we say that there’s so much attention to the fine details and the type of material being used here. Trust Hermes, one of the leading producers of designer leather pieces, to give you only the best. And because we’re so in love with these pieces, we even featured this bag last week! Read on to know more about this fine piece and their particular prices.

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The Tohubohu comes in three sizes to choose from, which are equally appealing in their own right. You can buy multiple colors to spruce up any outfit you may have – we suggest you get them in different sizes too, so you’d have an avenue to mix and match some pieces. We are so in love with this pretty pouch!

Prices can range from $860 USD – $1170 USD, depending on the size you’d choose. You can get your very own Tohubohu Bag via Hermes e-store or boutique.


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