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Hermes Smallbox Box

Hermes Smallbox Box

A collector’s item yet useful as a decoration item in your house. I like the colors on the Hermes Smallbox Box, because it feels luxurious and so-Hermes.

It’s a storage box in recycled cardboard covered with kraft paper. The handles are made from canvas and bridle leather. The top comes with a metal lid, but the overall design is hard-wearing and light-weighed. The front also features the Hermes Sellier signature.

There are cheaper alternative, but if you want to level-up, to bring some colors and luxe into your house, these boxes can fill your needs. It’s a fashion piece after all.

Measuring 32.5 x 37 (H x D) cm, priced at $670 SGD, $480 USD via Hermes boutiques

Hermes Smallbox Box


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