Hermes Small Constance Bag with Leather Logo And Golden Edges


Hermes lovers, rejoice! Today, we’re going to talk about the Small Constance Bag, which is clearly a fan favorite (we hear you loud and clear, ladies!). This new piece definitely excites us because there has been a tweak to the conventional design, which we will discuss in a few. Are you just as excited as we are?

The Constance bag has been around for some years now, and the original design was released in the year 1950. It was revamped in 2010, and was given a sleek, elongated look. But with this new design, we’re seeing that the bag’s ‘H’ clasp comes in leather with golden edges (in contrast with the metal ‘H’), because a pop of color never hurt anybody. We love this new design just as much!

With these changes in mind, would you prefer the original design, or this new baby? Would you consider adding this one to your collection? Comment now and let us know what you think!


Pictures courtesy of: Luxnelle

  • Lori


    Love this bag. It’s one my wish list.

    November 6, 2015
  • Sam


    Do you know where is Hermes and Fendi boutique store in Barcelona, Spain? If can, please write the store address too?

    Thank you

    November 6, 2015
    • Alex


      Hermes Barcelona:

      Hermès Paseo de Gracia
      Paseo de Gracia, 77
      08008 Barcelona

      Hermès Diagonal
      El Corte Inglés Diagonal
      Avda Diagonal 617
      08028 Barcelona

      Fendi Barcelona, there are no official stores, but we recommend:
      Bori i Fontestà 2
      08021 Barcelona, Spain

      Passeig d’Andreu Nin 51
      08016 Barcelona, Spain

      Hope this helps

      November 7, 2015

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