Hermes Kelly Mood Bag


The icon of fashion, the Kelly Bag, is getting twisted for the Spring Summer 2018 Collection. And even tough the bag is hard-to-get due to limited supply, let’s hope that we will stumble upon one in the boutique.

If you’re new to Hermes, the Kelly Bag is introduced in 1892 and it’s associated with the princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. The beautiful Kelly Bag is considered the icon of fashion because it’s incredible famous but also incredible hard-to-find. People lines up in the waiting list of the waiting list just to get their hands on one of these. And because the value of this bag goes up every year, it can also be considered as an investment piece.

The Design

The most famous part of the Kelly Bag is the Kelly Lock. The nice metal turn lock and the padlock with clochette for the key are both important essentials to the overall look as well. The nice curvy handle is for hand carry but it also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap.

The Kelly Bag is definitely a must-have for any serious fashion-obsessed. And for this season, there is a new style available. The center of the bag is colored with stripes representing your mood. The blue one is called ‘Blue Mood’ and the yellow/black one is called ‘Red Mood’. So which one would you rather have Or just one in single color?

The Interior

The interior of the Kelly Bag is made with one main compartment and two patch pockets. It’s marvelous handbag, ultra chic and so valuable. It’s a statement-maker and the icon of all icons.

The Prices And Sizes

For details about the prices and sizes of the Kelly Bag, please go to Hermes Classic Bag Prices.

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