Hermes Hip Bag


Just how the backpack trend took us by storm, the belt bag is following the same footsteps. When is carrying a belt bag hot? Not until now! So Hermes created their own version; it’s the Hermes Hip Bag. And their quote is: ‘the Hip bag is the new It Bag’.

The Design

What’s the first-thing that come to your mind when looking at the Hermes Hip Bag? Quality! The leather of the Hip bag feels strong, solid and durable.

The front is made with two pockets that can open and closed with zippers. The leather strap is thick and it’s made for carrying around your waist. But there is also another option to carry; and that’s around your shoulder.

The Hip Bag is made to look timeless. The solid colors can easily match with any outfits, and that’s also the goal.

In our opinion, the design of this belt bag is unisex. It looks good on both man and woman. And also, it’s a very handy accessory, especially perfect for travelling. Don’t you think?

The Interior

The Belt Bag is made with two zip pockets on the front. You can easily store important essentials inside like passports and other documents. It’s also a small bag, so it’s ideal for travelling as well.

The Prices And Sizes

We do not have the exact measurements yet, but it’s estimated that the price is around $3000 USD (around $3350 USD).

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