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Hermes Bags For Kids

Hermes Bags For Kids

You can buy a small or nano bag and spoil your kids with a cute designer bag. For example, the Hermes Mini Kelly Bag is super cute and depending on the age, it can be carried by kids.

However, you can also choose to purchase one of special bag designs for children, such as the Hermes Bolide Case. This bag is inspired by the timeless Bolide Bag. The Case for kids is designed purposely in colorful leopard print with combination of blue and yellow. So will Hermes enter the market of high fashion bags for children?

Here’s another one to look for. Again, the bag is embellished with bright colors and the leopard pattern is embellished on the flap. The bag comes with a short handle and the overall look tells us that it’s a school bag. Not everyone likes the style, however the Hermes’s journey of making Bags for kids has been started. Let’s see how it will look in the future.

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Hermes Bags For Kids


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