Gucci Lady Lock Top Handle Bag


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Gucci Lady Lock Top Handle Bag


There are only a handful of designer brands that knows how to bend a bamboo into a first-class handbag. Introducing one of the best style that you can find in Gucci’s f/w 2013 accessories is the lady lock top handle bag. This beauty belongs to the iconic bamboo collection that has captured the attention of the fashion savvy enthusiast for more than 60 years. The newest release is truly ahead of the current trend.

There are three important points to look for when considering the Gucci lady lock bag. First the beautiful body, the round curvy shape releases the feminine touch, tell your friends it’s oké to be jealous about this. Then cappucio and lock closure, can you feel how terrible it is when this piece falls off? I find the design of lock closure to be one of the most essential part of the bag, it makes or breaks it. Fortunately, this silver Gucci locker is polished and refined, it fits nicely to the total style, love it. And final, the bamboo handle moves you away from the leather handles, it’s strong and reliable.

A lady bag requires a structured and spacious interior. It wouldn’t surprise you if I tell you that this bag has a built-in zip pocket, key-holder and two roomy compartments for all your needs.

The Gucci lady lock top handle bag comes in five colors and different leathers. Each has its own character;


Gucci Lady Lock Handle Bag
in Rust Colour Leather for €1.790


Gucci Lady Lock Handle Bag
in Black Leather for €1.790


Gucci Lady Lock Handle Bag
in Bordeaux Leather for €1.790


Gucci Lady Lock Handle Bag
in Bordeaux Python for €2.600


Gucci Lady Lock Handle Bag
in Black Satin for €1.550

Available at Gucci e-store or boutique.

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