Gucci Kim Lace-up Killer Booties


There are killer booties that are literally ‘killers’ in three ways; They kill any fashionista who tries to compete with you, with no merci. Good shoes are effortless, they make-up as much as 50% of your total look, match them with the right clothes and you got 70% completed. Pick the perfect bag and you reach a 100% mark. Killer shoes steal hearts, Louboutin and Nicole Kidman agree with me that stiletto’s give women mysterious power, it radiates a magnetic aura that gives you a compelling character. It’s as magical as Popeye eating his spinach. And it’s exactly that attitude that men like; your diva walk, sharp eyes and a voice that spurts confident. Then the last kill will be the extremely sharp and long stiletto’s like Gucci’s Kim lace-up booties that scares any pickpockets away. If it ever hits someone’s face (and we hope that it will not be necessary), the person will probably not survive such attack. Back to the booties, as your eyes already captivated, the new Gucci booties are made for the modern fashionista who loves excitement and luxury. These shoes change any outfit into a dangerous look and at the same time seductive like a special female agent on duty. With cut-away details, constructed with Gucci’s intricate three-step shaping technique resulting minimal stitching, Gucci logo under the arch, straight-heel with 4.3’’ inch long and available in patent. It comes in variation of colors like black, metallic, dark blue python, moss python and bordeaux python. You can get it at Gucci for $1,250.


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