Goyard Saint Louis Claire Voie Bag


When we heard news like: ‘the Goyard Saint Louis Bag reinterpreted’, it sounds like music to our ears. Because the St. Louis Bag is an iconic handbag, it’s loved by a lot of women around the world.

This special edition is called Goyard Saint Louis Claire Voie Bag and it looks exactly like the original St. Louis Bag. But there is a hidden twist and can only be seen when zoomed-in. The added French name ‘Claire Voie’ translates to ‘openwork’, which fits perfectly to the unique design hat has been applied to the bag (more details later on).

Just for the information, this bag is introduced for the Spring Summer 2018 Collection.

The Design


The Reinvented Goyardine Canvas

At first glance, we can’t really see the difference between the St. Louis Bag and this new Saint Louis Claire Voie Bag. But the major change that Goyard has made is reinventing the Goyard Chevron Pattern. You see, the house has created an illusion that you can see through the Goyardine Canvas.


The illusion of seeing through the Canvas

An illusion?

Look closer – the color of the interior has been copied to the chevron pattern, which makes it appear like you can see through the bag.

But the other parts like the shape and the handles have remained unchanged.

There is more. We have always thought that the Anjou Reversible Tote is the ‘Reversible style’ of the St. Louis Bag, because they looked so similar. But we are wrong.

The Saint Louis Claire Voie Bag is an Reversible Bag


The Goyard St.Louis Reversible Bag

Imagine that! You get the iconic Saint Louis Bag and the Anjou Bag in one. This newly crafted St. Louis Bag is more than the eye can imagine, it’s a Reversible Bag. It will be your summer essential bag from sunrise to sundown because this bag will follow you everywhere like a style-Cameleon (love this Goyard Quote).

This St. Louis Claire Voie Bag comes in several bright shades including yellow. You can pull out the interior to create a whole new handbag. So this bag is two-styles in one – either enjoy the chevron canvas or turn it into a colored summer bag.

The Interior

The inside is much the same like the original St. Louis Bag. There is one large compartment inside and it also comes with an internal pouch.

The Prices And Sizes

Goyard Saint Louis Claire Voie PM Bag is measured 19’x 11’ x 6’ inches and the Goyard Saint Louis Claire Voie GM Bag is measured 23’ x 13’ x 7’ inches.

Estimated price is $1400 USD.

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