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Goyard Rouette Soft Bag

Just launched, the Goyard Rouette Soft Bag is making a splash in the fashion community. The bag looks incredible elegant and ladylike, which makes it perfect to carry on daily basis. So if you like it, then here’s what we know:

The word Rouette might come from the word roulette, which is a revolving wheel game. This bag is more than just a chic bag with thin shoulder strap, the creativity goes beyond that. In fact, the bag transforms in different shapes and styles, take a good look:

1. In normal shape with curved edges

Goyard Rouette Soft Bag

2. Move the inside flap out

Goyard Rouette Soft Bag

3. Expand the side flap

Goyard Rouette Soft Bag

And besides that, the bag is crafted in the famous Goyardine Canvas. The ingredient for making Goyardine remains secret but we know it’s solid and durable. More over, the bag comes in colors like the classic black, red and more.

Because the bag is still new, we don’t have the exact measurements, but the price is €1350 euro with VAT included. For the US citizens, with tax-refund, this bag will be priced at $1400 USD.

Besides the Goyard St. Louis Bag, I think this is also a good purchase. And in terms of price versus quality, it’s also a good investment.

Goyard Rouette Soft Bag

Goyard Rouette Soft Bag

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    delivery to melbourne?

    August 10, 2019

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