Fendi Petit 2jours Denim Tote


Thanks to BagaholicBoy, a blog that we love to follow, we came across the Fendi Petit 2Jours Denim Tote. Now there are two things that came into our mind:

First, we know how much you love the 2jours collection, the ‘petit’ collection is just to-die-for.

Then a 2jours tote should come in fine single color, because it’s the only way to secure a ‘timeless’ piece in your wardrobe.

The most picked 2jours tote is in 100% calfskin, guaranteed quality and durability.

So here is my conclusion, for those who has an extra budget aside and you are someone who loves to go against the tide and usually differentiate yourself from the crowd, then go ahead and walk proudly with the Fendi Petit 2jours Denim Tote in your hand.

Pair it with dark jeans, with casual heels and flats. Wear a matching tee on the top while you are still enjoying the summer season. Yellow and denim combined, are creating a huge impact that force people to glance at your bag at least once or twice. Its okay, you deserve the glam anyway.

The Fendi Petit 2Jours Tote is measured 8.5’ x 10.25’ x 5’ (H x W x D), this tiny tote is currently priced at $1,600 USD, £1,140 GBP and around $2,500 GBP. Visit your nearest Fendi boutique or distributor.



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