Fendi Launched The Petit 2Jours Bag Exclusive In Asian Markets


Fendi recently launched the Fendi Petit 2Jours bag (yes, you read it right, it’s not petite) exclusively for the Asian market. For those who are scratching their head, the ‘petit version’ is smaller than the small bag, it’s the mini mini version of the 2Jours collection. Getting excited? Well, read on…

I am in love with the petit 2jours bag and I am not happy about the exclusive launch. Now I’ve to travel all the way to Asia hoping to get a glimpse of it. Special thanks to Fanny P. for notifying me about the new Fendi Launch. She dropped an email with an exciting story sharing her shopping experience in Hong Kong. The shopping assistant informed her that the petit 2jours was only available for the Asian market like Hong Kong, Tokyo and Taipei. The bag is very cute and limited, can you resist possibly that?

Now let’s cover the basics together with Fanny:


How does the brand-new, super-cute Fendi petit 2Jours bag feel like?
I personally try the bag on and found it very practical, light in weight but very chic!

Where exactly did you buy this bag?
I bought the bag at HK Fendi. Only its flagship is selling and stock running fast. I learned that the cherry color sold out only 2 days after it is on the shelf.

What colors are available?
There are 5 colors: light gray, cherry, ink/navy, beige and black. The hardware is different for each color. Black/Cherry/light gray goes with gold hardware; while beige and ink goes with sliver.

Can you describe how roomy the Fendi petit 2Jours bag is?
For Fendi, there are 2 compartments: I will put my wallet (as shown in my pic) in one compartment and the other one I will put sth like my key holder, tissue pack, small cosmetic like a lip stick.

For the zip compartment, it is not big and I will put my iPhone. I guess the bag is much more practical than what it looks, compare with Fendi small Peekaboo.

Can you use it as an everyday bag?
I will wear it every day if I find it matching with my dress. Since I got a light gray Saint Laurent small Sac de Jour, I will interchange between my Fendi and the Saint Laurent. Saint Laurent small sac de jour is larger but much heavier, so I guess I will wear Fendi more.

I love it so much! For working days, Saint Laurent is good but for shopping days; Fendi would definitely be the choice as it is light weighted and more handy!

Oh, one more thing!
One thing: stamping only allow 2 letters as the tag is small. You can choose gold, silver or a stamp without any color.

And finally, what you’ve been waiting for; How much does the Fendi petit 2Jours cost? We know that designer brands are pretty expensive in Hong Kong, this bag cost $14,900 HK. Converting to euro gives you €1.450 and $2,000 USD. I hope this will give you a rough indication for prices in other Asian countries.

We still do not know why such an adorable bag is not available in US and EU, but if it happens that you will be traveling to Asia anytime soon, make sure you head straight to Fendi boutique and claim your very own petit 2Jours bag. It will be the best purchase ever, and certainly when in the back of your mind you secretly know that it’s limited and not for sale in EU and US, meaning only a handful of people will be carrying it.


This is a side by side comparison with a chanel 2 fold short wallet.
You can see roughly guess how cute the petite fendi is! Though small
but still roomy for goodies and even an iPad!


The Arial view zipper in the middle

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  • Sally


    Just bought one in Rome for 1200 Euros, with tax free, it’s 1040.

    October 23, 2013
  • Wonder


    Fendi petit 2Jours is available in Europe now.
    Saw it in Germany. Price about Euro 1250.

    September 21, 2013

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