Fendi 2Jours Shopper in New Elegant Colors


Fendi 2Jours Shopper in Fuchsia

The Fendi 2Jours Shopper was launched after the enormous success of Peekaboo and Baguette. And it didn’t take that long before the 2Jours joined the rank of the new IT bag. It has never dropped in popularity since the first release. In fact, the newest Fendi 2Jours bag looks finer than ever, it’s overwhelmed with style and elegant. The color blocked are history, send me the single colors in refined details please.

2Jours is the ideal everyday bag. The calf leather is durable, strong but still smooth and soft, it takes you from work to shopping and diners. The experience is magnificent as the modern edgy look attracts attention. The 2Jours Shopper tote has achieved the IT rank so fast that you can be sure it will last for a long time, you can comfortable tell you doubts: ‘An investment well spend!’.

The color combinations of red/green with gold hardware, black and silver hardware are brilliant. The long designer-stamp plaque embellished on the top edge and on the designer hanging tag are not only clever, but they are to-die-for. The hidden beauty lies in the shape, close the bag and it appears small. Tab it open and a new world will open, discover the enormous space that the Fendi 2Jours shopper bag can handle. And to make your addiction worst, the interior is well structured with several compartments and a ‘pouch pocket’.

We know that Karl Lagerfeld is on the ship of Fendi and Chanel. The Fendi 2Jours shopper tote has its own way of elegance compared to the Chanel grand shopping tote. It’s also less expensive, but it’s loaded with enough reasons and beauty to compete with the traditional iconic. At Net-A-Porter for $2,260.


Fendi 2Jours Shopper in Black


Fendi 2Jours Shopper in Olive Green


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