Discontinued Bag #11: Hermes Kelly Bag 40 cm 2 tone GWH


If Celine discontinue their less attractive bags, that’s fine. If they decide to make it limited, I am oke with that too. Because if destiny wants I will meet with my favorite bag and buy it. But if they decide to discontinue a gorgeous bag, that will break our heart.

As I was looking at another 100% L.O.V.E. + adorable bag, the Hermes 40 cm Kelly black that have been thrown out of their stock for a while now. This is a absolute fab. I would carry this sexy thing all day long at work. This is the perfect business bag I’ve ever seen.

The bag is made from natural Ardenne leather with gold hardware, 100% durable (of course you have to take a good care of it). There’s enough space for your own stuff and even some room for documents. You can easily structure your items inside very easily. This bag is to die for, don’t you think?

Pictures courtesy of: 1stdibs


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