Dior VIII Montaigne Watches


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Dior VIII Montaigne Watches


A watch, in the most elegant design, mirrors the personality of the true lady. The H&M shirt might suit you, wear it four or five times and it can become dull. Wear it 10 to 20 times and you can trash it as it’s falling apart. But a lady watch is forever, just like your iconic bag. As the time passes, your grand-daughter can inherited it: ‘This is my DIOR watch dear, I want you to have it’, the same way your mom would pass you her Dior 1947 New Look Bag, if she had one.

Building a supreme watch demands high architectural skills, especially when it’s graphic and madly elegant, the DIOR VIII watch is one of them, it’s inspired the iconic ‘Bar’ jacket and the number… the number in its name highlight the superstitious Monsieur Dior’s lucky number, even for mesmerizing, it recalls the date of the creation of his couture house, 8 October 1946, the name of his first collection ‘En Huit’ (in 8 translated in English).

A watch built around a rich history is always timeless, every woman should own at least one beautiful watch. At Dior boutique for €4.600.



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