Dior Perfume Holders

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Dior Perfume Holders

Dior Perfume Holders

Your perfume bottles can break in your luggage when travelling, that’s why the Dior Perfume Holders offer a fashionable solution. Is it necessary? No. Is it cute? Yes.

There are numerous ways you can carry. The adjustable handles are perfect for hand carry. But there is another clever way to use. For example, you can attach this beautiful piece on your backpack as an additional small bag.

The Oblique version is designed in canvas. This perfume holder can hold as much as 250 ml. Inside there is just 1 compartment.

Dior Small Perfume Holder (125ml)
Size: 16.5 x 7.5 cm
Prices: €900 EUR, £840 GBP

Dior Perfume Holder (250ml)
Size: 22 x 8.5 cm
Prices: €990 EUR, £930 GBP, ₩1500000 WON

Dior Perfume Holders

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