Dior Mini Be Dior Satchel Bag


For Dior lovers out there, this bag is definitely one for the books with its scene-stealing fluorescent orange color. An exact new definition of urban attitude, this trendy mini Dior bag is perfect for the modern-day bellas.

For those confused, this is not the Dior Mini Be Dior Bag, but we talk about that more later…

With its stylish silhouette that is both supple and structured, no wonder the Dior Mini Dior Satchel Bag can be your next go-to everyday bag. We especially adore its bright and attention-grabbing color, which is a perfect match to your monochromatic black or white ensemble and even your flirty floral or printed dresses and jumpsuits.

Made from genuine bullcalf leather with matching shiny jewellery, this bag is an undeniable epitome of elegance and beauty. It also features an adjustable strap thus it can be carried in five ways either as cross body, shoulder, hand, arm, or as a clutch.


Dior Mini Be Dior Satchel Bag (left) vs Dior Mini Be Dior Bag (right)

And if you’re thinking it quite resembles the Dior Mini Be Dior Bag you might be correct, but if you pay closely pay attention to details, they’re actually different. Side by side, you can compare that both bags have a different front flap size and shape. In fact, the Dior Mini Be Dior Bag is a bit taller than the Satchel version but the short in width.


Dior Mini Be Dior Satchel Bag (left) vs Dior Mini Be Dior Bag (right)

Also, the Dior Mini Be Dior Bag has buttons on the sides to make the bag shorter while the satchel version doesn’t have it. And as last, the Satchel version is a bit cheaper.

The Dior Mini Be Dior Satchel Bag measures 21.5 x 15 x 6.5 cm and is priced €2050 euro, £1600 GBP or ₩3,300,000 WON via Dior boutiques.




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