Dior Macro Cannage Leather thumb

Dior Macro Cannage Leather

We have the Dior original Cannage Stitching for some time and now it’s time to introduce a different Cannage Stitching – the Macro Cannage.

So what’s the different? Well, the Cannage Stitching is bigger than usual and it radiates a more powerful energy. It’s like your eyes can’t stop looking at it, even on pictures. I can describe it with 2 words; big and bold.

Take a look at these two pictures, do you notice the differences?

Dior Macro Cannage Leather

Dior Macro Cannage Leather

For now this new Macro Cannage Stitching is available on the Dior Caro Bag, but we’re sure that this new beauty will trend on all iconic handbags. Imagine the Lady Dior Bag with Macro Cannage Stitching, wouldn’t that be a new addiction?

This Mcacro Cannage Stitching is made from calfskin, so what do you think?

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