Dior D-Fence Round Clutch With Chain

Wow, what a difference. If you have followed Bragmybag for a while, then you must have read our latest review about the Dior D-Fence Bag. The Dior D-Fence Bag is one of the house’s newest designs because it’s the first-time ever that a new DIOR logo has been introduced. This DIOR logo is stiffer comparing to the classic version and it has a touch of vintage. When we introduced the Dior D-Fence Bag to the community, the reactions were mixed. However, this latest Dior D-Fence Round Clutch Bag feels completely different. It feels chic’er and softer.


The Dior D-Fence Round Clutch with Chain


This is how the Dior D-Fence Large Bag looks like

The Design

The Dior D-Fence Round Clutch with Chain Bag is supposed to be the Wallet On Chain version, but in a different shape. If you were a fan of the Chanel Halfmoon WOC, but you weren’t able to buy it because it has been discontinued, then perhaps you would like this handbag. The shape of the Chanel Halfmoon WOC is somewhat similar to this new bag.

Unlike the large Dior D-Fence Bag, this Clutch edition is crafted with softer leather and curvy shape. It has abandoned the strong vivid stitching appearance and even the new stiff DIOR logo has been transformed in much more of a feminine look.

Crafted from calfskin, the chain can be detached but it’s also useful when you want to sling it on your shoulder. What’s more? The chain strap is made in aged gold hardware, which is a recently introduced concept.


The Interior

The structure of the interior is well done; inside you will find 1 large compartment, 2 card slots and 1 flat pocket. You can organize your basic essentials and carry it on your shoulder. But what you also should notice is the shape of this bag. The round and curvy look is beautiful and feminine, but it also allows you to carry more essentials.

The Sizes And Prices

Overall, this is a nice evening handbag, but it can also be used on daily basis. It measures 17 x 12 x 6 cm, the chain is 120 cm and the price is unknown for now. Check with the boutique for more details.



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    do you happen to know if these will be available in the US?

    August 28, 2017

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