Coach Bleecker Riley Carryall

Coach Bleecker Riley Carryall

When you get that ‘call’ from your best friend who is in need for someone to share his problems, you will need to go immediately. There’s no time to pack your bag, get your hair done or take a relaxing shower, your friend needs you and you need to go.

In such situation, the ideal bag is what we call the ‘instant-bag’, it can also be used as an everyday essential. And you certainly can’t go wrong with Coach Bleecker Riley Carryall, it’s small, compact and matches lovely to your trench coat. It’s an easy luxury bag that you can take any time when you go downtown for a drink at Starbucks to gossip or having a productive chat with your good friend.

Crafted from smooth and pebbled leather, refined with a leather zipper pulls, this bag can be worn crossbody and still looks amazingly good. With multiple pockets in the interior to stock your little essentials, and in combination with this modern style, it’s surely a bag to love. The colors available are: powder blue, black, parchment, peach rose, grey birch, love red and acid green. It’s priced for $258 at Coach.

Coach Bleecker Riley Carryall


  1. Dorothy February 20, 2014 Reply

    Hi Sassy! Just included this in my collection! Likey!!!

    • Sassy February 20, 2014 Reply

      Haii Dorothy, it have been a long time, thanks for passing by. I really like this bag because its simple yet Coach’s design feels luxurious. This is one of their latest release.

      p.s. going to b ur everyday?

      • Dorothy February 20, 2014 Reply

        I might not be active in your forums or making comments, but i always visit your site….yes, this is very new. , just checked this at store 2 weeks ago, it wasn’t there yet. So, when i saw this yesterday, grabbed it & will be wearing this always as my “instant bag”. Thanx for all the infos/updates! Very helpful!

        *btw, quite expensive here in Southeast Asia. Bought this around US$420. :-!

        • Sass February 25, 2014 Reply

          Thanks for your support Dorothy, we really need that. But WOW, are you serious? $420 versus $258 is a big difference. btw which color did you choose?

          • Dorothy February 27, 2014

            Love Red color., Sassy.

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