Chanel WOC Brilliant: Chrystalized CC Icon


All you need to have is the desire to own a small and chic bag, the Chanel WOC brilliant will appear in your mind instantly. Quilted and shiny, but humble and yet gorgeous, it’s like the Chanel classic flap bag, but it shrank into a small beautiful bag.

If there’s one tiny shoulder bag that can capture our heart, that will be Chanel WOC Brilliant. It’s the most classy bag of the WOC collection. Easy to flaunt during the summer, and very eye-catching for the nights. Though the CC signature craved on the front flap is not big, but it’s still noticeable for the human eye. Is it necessary to show off? The quality and design of the Brilliant WOC is more than enough for people to recognize that you are carrying a high fashion bag. I mean it’s Chanel after all right?

I especially adore the long but thin strap, very feminine and it radiates the charisma that is needed to perfectionize your style. And no matter what color you pick, the Brilliant is still amazing to wear in casual and formal clothes.

Size: 8′ x 5′ x 2′

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Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Pile


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