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Chanel Trendy CC Tote


When we first announced the release of the Chanel Valentine Flap 2014, Michelle (our lovely FB follower) fell so deep in love that she couldn’t keep her eyes off the bag. But finally her husband asked her to stop looking. Is it our fault that we’ve fallen in love with a bag? I mean love is beyond our control right?

The Chanel Trendy CC tote is nominated to be the biggest deceiver of the Spring Summer Pre-collection 2014. You see, the images shown on CHANEL official site weren’t enough to judge its beauty. We have only SEEN the front, not the top.

At the first look; everything about the Trendy CC tote is attractive; it’s quilted, the CC logo looks delicious, the interwoven chain links are oh-my-god, yum yum and the top handle creates another optional way to carry, pretty functional. But the Trendy CC tote has already everything that we need to pull out our credit card and max the $5,000 USD out.


As curious as we were, we kept searching for more images. And finally we spotted a picture that reveals the top of the Trendy CC tote, its true colors…

There was a darn ‘metal frame’ embellished on the top and Chanel’s signature was printed on it. That was the final blow, this bag is overwhelming gorgeous. (Please support us by liking our Facebook Page)

Don’t look at it for too long because its cursed, once it got your eyes, you can’t stop looking. It’s like you are under its spell. That’s how beautiful it is.


Chanel Small Trendy CC Bag

Style code: A92236
Size: 6.7″ x 9.8″ x 4.7″
Price: $5,100 USD

Chanel Large Trendy CC Bag
Style code: A92237
Size: 10.2″ x 12.2″ x 6.3″
Price: $6,200 USD

At Chanel boutique.

Pictures courtesy of: Pinterest, Instagram: lenaperminova & lenaperminova

8 thoughts on “Chanel Trendy CC Tote”

    • Hi Hernawaty, this is a seasonal bag from the Spring Summer 2014 Collection. F/W 2014 has already been released and the Cruise 2015 Collection is coming up this month.

  1. Hi … What will be the price in Euro .. My friend will be going to Paris … Thinking of asking her to get it from there

    • Hi Alicia, small will be around 3.500 euro, the medium 4.400 euro and that is the price not even excluded tax. Europe is always cheaper than US.


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