Chanel Shiva Bags: Fresh From The bombay 2012 Collection


Curious about what this is, allow me to introduce; from the pre-fall 2012 Bombay collection, this is Chanel Shiva bag. Oh yes, it has the same CC closure as the classic flap bag, the style is rough, busy and somewhere between the 2.55 reissue and the classic flap bag. STUNNING!

So what do you get? It’s available in calfskin and different color; the classic black, white, beige, burgundy and even red. There are two sizes, small and medium. You can also get this bag in the tote version.

This bag is a great alternative for the iconic bags like the Chanel classic flap bags. It’s cheaper and yet you get the same bang for your buck. The quality, is like always, impeccable. Calfskin is actually really great, this bag hold shape. Room enough for all your modern essentials.

Now comes the prices and sizes:

Chanel Shiva Small flap bag
Dimensions: 11’’ x 5,5’’ x 2,5’’
Price: $2,900 US dollar

Chanel Shiva Large flap bag
Dimensions: 13’’ x 7’’ x 3’’
Price: $3,300 US dollar

Chanel Shiva Tote Bag
Dimensions: 13’’ x 9’’ x 5’’
Price: $3,800 US dollar
Is this bag still available?

Some of our members reported to have seen the Shiva bag in Europe.
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  • Maggie


    I will be buying the medium tomorrow, can’t wait!!!

    December 11, 2012
  • BubPeach


    I compared the Shiva bag with the caviar. I asked a bunch of friends which one was better and even the SA told me the chic cavie was better. I feel the shiva caviar is a bit distressed and look a bit wrinkly. The idea was to make the flap look more vintage, but I didn’t like it much. The chic caviar have a better caviar leather, it feel more comfort and softer imo.

    December 5, 2012

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