Chanel Quilted Wallet on Chain in Patent


Apart from the standard Wallet on Chain Collection, in each season, Chanel always releases one or two WOC’s that are slightly different than the others. They are usually seasonal pieces, which mean that: ‘once the Spring Summer 2014 Collection ends, you will probably never see it again’.

Let me give you some examples:

The newest Chanel Boy Studded WOC from the Paris Dallas Collection is a bit larger than the original version. Oh yes and you got the studs of course.

Then we introduced the Chanel WOC Fancy CC some time ago, with diamond patterns, can you remember?

The most unusual is the Chanel vintage WOC, according to the SA, it’s a brand-new seasonal bag. Up until today we still need to figure out its name.

But let’s get back to the topic, the Chanel Wallet on Chain in Patent is from the Spring Summer 2014 Collection. You know how this collection rocked right? Patent and Metallic Clutches, Boy Bags and Classic Flap Bags were so-hot.

It’s not a coincidence that Penny found this bag at her favorite boutique. She was hunting for her first Chanel bag and hoped for a classic WOC from the permanent collection. But the SA took the Chanel WOC Classic Quilted out from the stock and told her that it’s a limited edition, a new bag and it’s only available this season.


Chanel New WOC CC logo

If you take a closer look, the design is slightly different than the Chanel WOC Classic Quilted. The main difference is the vintage CC logo that I absolutely love. And it got studs on it.

But a shiny WOC doesn’t come too often, the patent is what separates yours from the rest. And it’s also quilted in black, which makes it timeless.

And you know what it makes your appetite even better? This bag is cheaper than the WOC from the permanent collection. The Classic Quilted WOC is now priced at €1450 euro’s. While this Chanel WOC Quilted in patent is retailing for €1260 euro’s.

Read Penny’s comments yourself:

I have bought at €1260. Wonder why it was cheaper than permanent collection WOC. The difference is the glossy skin which I love (I love anything shinny and glossy), the logo is different and bigger whilst the strap is not shining if compare to permanent collection black quilted. It doesn’t have the small back pocket too. SA told me its limited edition and it’s new. Guess maybe its seasonal collection. It’s my first Chanel bag I hope this design lasted and I made a right choice.


The leather


  • Nicolephp


    Hi is ths woc still available in Asia boutique?cz I from Malaysia.wonder the price is??tq

    January 1, 2016
  • NatRay


    Is this WOC still available in Boutiques in Europe? Is it available in Heathrow? What is the measurement of this bag?

    January 6, 2015

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