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Chanel New Mini Classic Bag

Chanel New Mini Classic Bag

Chanel New Mini Classic Bag Prices
United States $4900 USD
Canada $6200 CAD
Europe €4700 EURO
England £4130 GBP
Singapore 7060 SGD
Hong Kong $38000 HKD
Australia $7610 AUD
Japan ¥693000 JPY
Malaysia 21750 MYR
China ¥36300 CNY
Korea 6620000 WON
Thailand 177000 BAHT
Switzerland 4890 CHF
Vietnam 125930000 VND
Taiwan 161300 TWD
UAE 19000 AED

Style code & size:
Style code: A66990
Size: 4.9’ x 7.9’ x 2.8’ inches.

Introducing one of the cutest handbags in the classic Flap Bag Collection. The new mini is the perfect evening accessory and it’s ideal when you don’t want to sling a heavy shoulder bag. It’s great when you’re out and about, doing city trips when you want to minimize your essentials. The New Mini is as popular any other Classic Flap Bag and sometimes its hard to get your favorite color because they get sold-out very quickly as well.

And as for the price, the New Mini goes up in prices as well and that’s why it’s another beautiful investment piece. With its timeless design and increase in value, this is an one-time purchase and forever yours bag.

What Is The New Mini Classic Bag?

The New Mini Classic Bag is the downsized version of the Classic Flap Bag. It’s bigger than the Extra Mini Classic Flap Bag, but comparable to the Mini Squared Classic Flap Bag. This version was introduced because of the demand for smaller bags, but it’s big enough to carry your most vital essentials. Imagine carrying this bag with your little black dress or just jeans and shirts, this baby will upgrade your style anytime.

Comparing to the larger sizes, there are parts of the Chanel New Mini Classic Flap Bag design that are removed due to its smaller size. It either doesn’t fit or it’s not practical to embellish in a downsized bag like the extra pockets in the interior.

But overall, the New Mini Classic Bag looks exactly like its bigger siblings. It features the interlocking CC lock that Karl Lagerfeld had implemented and a back pocket. It’s also made in diamond quilting as well as interwoven chain strap. But it doesn’t come with the extra pocket in the inside flap like the Classic Flap Bag.

The New Mini Classic Bag or the Classic Quilted WOC

Chanel WOC prices intro

Both handbags are stunning, but there are some differences. The New Mini is less structured in the interior, The WOC is designed with card slots, patch pockets and so much more, it’s just like a big wallet with chain. However, the New Mini is crafted with a main compartment, but also a zip and patch pockets.

The experience is different also due to the look. The WOC features a tiny CC logo while the New Mini comes with a bigger CC logo.

And in terms of size, the WOC is measured 4.8’ x 7.6’ x 1.4’ inches. The New Mini Classic Flap Bag measures 4.9’ x 7.9’ x 2.8’ inches. So in spacing, the New Mini wins. It’s bigger in width, length as well as depth (which means it can store more items). So which one do you prefer?

The New Mini Classic Bag or Square Classic Bag


Chanel Square Mini Classic Flap Bag

The choice between the New Mini and the Square Classic Bag is just personal preference as well. The main difference is the shape, but the design is completely the same as the Medium Classic Flap Bag.

The New Mini is sized 4.9’ x 7.9’ x 2.8’ inches and the Square Classic Bag is sized 5.3’ x 6.7’ x 3.1’ inches. So in terms of length, the New Mini wins, but in terms of height, the Square Classic Bag wins. The interior of the Square Classic Bag should a bit bigger than the New Mini. Would that hold you back of getting the New Mini?

The Inside & The Compartments

Chanel New Mini Classic Bag

Picture courtesy: Fashion Phile

The New Mini Classic Bag’s interior is much simpler than the Classic Flap Bags. The double flap wouldn’t fit and many extra pockets have been minimized in order to create larger spaces. The Mini Bag comes with one large compartment for all your essentials and it comes with an extra zip pocket for your important items as well.

While the Chanel Classic Quilted WOC has more structure to organize like credit card slots and other mini pockets, the New Mini is larger and can hold more stuff. Therefore the WOC is more ideal for the evenings, when you feel like only bringing your wallet, while the Mini Classic Bags are more suitable for day and night.

The Sizes Of The New Mini Classic Bag

Chanel New Mini Classic Bag

The Leathers And The Materials

Chanel New Mini Classic Bag

From Left To Right: Lambskin, Metallic goatskin, Patent Calfskin, Crumpled Calfskin, Caviar, Velvet

The Colors

Chanel New Mini Classic Bag

From Left To Right: Black, Pink, Red

Chanel New Mini Classic Bag

From Left To Right: Metallic pink, Metallic green

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