Chanel Jumbo Flap Bag, Medium Flap Bag Or The Maxi Flap Bag, Which One Should I Buy?


This is one of the most common question that people ask: ‘Should I buy a Chanel medium/large, jumbo or maxi flap bag?’. And if I tell you that Chanel has taken back their Chanel classic mini flap bag (more about mini flaps in our Chanel forum), does it make your life easier? I guess not. Let’s cover the facts first:

The Chanel medium/large bag is the favorite choose for most people. They are also harder-to-get (not hard to get), because the stock keeps leaking empty. You have to be lucky to meet the Chanel medium flap bag in CAVIAR. If you wonder if they have your size in stock, please read the comment section of Chanel bags prices and information in 2012. The comment section is still active and our members keep posting new information.

The jumbo flap bag is the ALSO a favorite choose for most people. When you have decided that the Chanel medium flap bag is too small, you chase the Jumbo flap bag. Medium can only fit your essentials, not more. But the Jumbo is a size larger.


Chanel jumbo flap bag used to be a single flap. But Chanel changed that (I think since 2009) and they now only sell double flap‘.


The good thing about the double flap is that you can easily structure your stuff. And it’s much bigger than the single flap. But then again, the double flap is heavier. Some people complain about its weigh, but you just need to get used to it.

Then we have the Chanel maxi flap bag, the largest size of the classic flaps. It’s not just a size BIGGER, but the maxi is huge. You can keep all your essentials inside and so much more. But you have to love big bags and it needs to match to your style.

The maxi flap bag bag is introduced in 2009, after Chanel discontinued the classic mini flap bag.

Since a couple years ago, Chanel brought the mini classic flap bag back. They used to look squared, but the newer version looks very similar to the medium classic flap bag, but then a bit smaller. If you love petite bags, then go for the mini classic flap bag.



Now, here are a couple of tips on picking the right size:


What’s your height? Some people might argue that this is not important, but if you are not tall and you carry the maxi flap bag, that can hurt a lot. If you are serious about fashion, you choose a bag that match your height. If your size is an S, will a XL size fit you? You can force yourself to wear it, but it just ain’t right.

But still I recommend to try all sizes and feel if it’s comfortable. Ask the SA, they can be very helpful too or your friends and family.

How much essential do you usually carry? If you are used to carry a lot of items, then the medium flap bag will not suit you. One lesson I’ve ever learned is not to stuff your bag. It expands, shape will vanished and over time the bag will be destroyed.

What fit in a medium Chanel flap bag? Well, let’s ask Valerie, she recently did an interview on Bragmybag. I love her Chanel medium flap bag in taupe by the way.

Is it an everyday bag? This is a critical question. Are you going to use your bag for work, shopping or evenings? A maxi might be too big for shopping, so a tote might fit the best OR a Chanel medium flap bag.

What’s your personal taste? Don’t take my advice or words. You are the main character, not me. If the Maxi flap bag feels right for you, go ahead a buy. Don’t take anyone’s advice, unless you feel good about it.
The biggest regret you can ever have is to spend thousands of dollars on a dream bag that you don’t like. Some people just want to buy ONE Chanel bag. It’s the worst feeling ever if your decision is wrong.


What to do if the medium flap bag is sold-out, should I buy the jumbo flap bag instead?


Some people travel from United States or Asia to Europe to buy a Chanel bag. So they arrive in Paris and find out that their favorite Chanel bag is sold-out. Lets it’s the medium flap bag. But the SA recommend the jumbo flap bag, so you are like ‘I went all the way here, I am not going to leave empty handed’. So you buy the jumbo bag and went back home.

I would rather pay more for the bag I always wanted, than to settle for something different. I have a friend who made this mistake, unless you are planning to buy your second Chanel bag, it’s a regret forever.
If I am hunting for the Chanel in black, I will not settle on beige or green. If I want the golden hardware, I will not be satisfied with silver, unless I like them both.

I hope this post helps.

If you have any question, you can share it in the comment section.

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  • RF


    It’s not April fool…it is for real. Hubby is getting me the ultimate Chanel classic flap jumbo from The Peninsula Hong Kong…
    It’s HKD 39800

    April 2, 2017
    • Alex


      Congrats, congrats, please share a pic =D

      April 4, 2017
  • Ygm


    Hi! I am going to paris for my birthday 2 months later. My husband finally agreed to buy me a chanel caviar jumbo shw. However i am very stressed what if i get there and cant find it? What should i do

    February 15, 2017
  • Lin


    I know about regrets. In Paris the SA rushed me, I was adamant about get a classic made in France when I finally chose it was the mini square black caviar. When I got home to the US it wasn’t the one I chose the SA switched the bags and gave me one that said made in Italy! So mad and sick over this but nothing I can do Chanel won’t help. Be sure to check the pretty packed up bag before you leave the store. I feel like the SA saw me an easy target since in was a tourist and I looked young and no dressed fancy for high end shopping

    January 16, 2017
    • Omg, did you remember who was the SA? Shouldn’t his/her name be on the receipt?

      January 20, 2017
  • joyce


    I have a question? Can the Jumbo and Maxi “single” flap bags convert into a crossover bag? I know the double flap does.

    November 4, 2016
  • ashley


    Hey J. i was thinking of buying it from somewhere like tradsey, fashionphile or the realreal one of those online consignment shops. But i noticed every time I saw the vintage jumbo xl it was only in a single flap so I thought I should ask instead of wasting my time wasting for something that might not exist

    October 1, 2016

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