Chanel Hamptons Bag

Chanel Hamptons Bag

For those who had missed the seasonal pieces from the Chanel fall 2011 collection, it’s time to stop procrastinating because the Chanel Hamptons bag has returned for the Cruise 2014 Collection. And we are certain that this bag is just ‘passing by’, it will leave as soon as the winter is over and probably will not return for a few seasons.

If you love small and quiet bags or you’ve been eyeing on the Chanel WOC collection for a long time, but somehow couldn’t make a decision, perhaps the Chanel Hamptons bag can help you regain your obsession.

You see, the Hamptons is a petit shoulder bag, it drops nicely next to your shoulder, preferable cross body. And its crafted in such a way that it doesn’t waste any space, every inch is efficiently used to carry your essentials. It fits your wallet, phone, tissue and gums.

Similar to the classic quilted WOC, this bag is quilted too, but in a way that makes people notice and of course, the iconic CC logo has been embellished elegantly. By the way, does it remind you of anything? It has the same CC logo like the new Chanel Fancy Crochet bag that we’ve reviewed last week.

In the interior, you will find two flat pockets and a zipped compartments. If you are thinking about getting this gorgeous piece, here are a few updated information:

Style code: A66128
Color: black
Size 10 x 2 x 6 (L x W H)
Price: $2,400 USD

Chanel Hamptons Bag

Pictures courtesy of: deluxemall

  • Neda


    Any chanel black Hampton cross body for sale?

    April 18, 2014

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