In Dadel’s Collection We Found The Chanel Extra Mini Classic Flap Bag In Black And Caviar


It all happened in Dusseldorf, Germany. At first, Dadel aimed for the Chanel WOC in gold hardware, but her mind quickly changed after reading one of our new post about the Chanel mini classic flap bags. Now she is in doubt, should she get the new extra mini, squared mini or the Chanel lipstick, what to do, what to do?

But she didn’t know that the Chanel classic extra mini flap bags are hard-to-get. They are rare and especially in the classic color, you know… in black. At the Chanel boutique, she asked the SA about the bag she felt in love with, the extra mini of course. The SA turned around, went to the storage room and came back with the Chanel extra mini classic flap bag in black, caviar and silver hardware. She added: ‘This one here is very hard to get, if you don’t buy now then you will have to wait until the winter collection and the minis are sold out very quickly‘.

What? Next season? Dadel couldn’t wait, she paid and claim her Chanel extra mini bag. Smart move!

This bag has the style code A65050 and the price is €1,350 EUR (the exact same price at Chanel bags prices). It doesn’t have an extra back pocket. According to the SA, they only have the extra mini flap bags in silver hardware.

Dadel is super happy with her brand-new Chanel bag. She is going to use it as an everyday essential instead of her GST. The Chanel extra mini flap is very small, but amazingly it fits her card wallet, lip gloss, keys, bubble gum, iPhone and still has a little space left for her tissue. I think she is great at structuring and maximizing her space.

Congratulation Dadel, here are more shots of her brand-new bag. I love it!

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  1. Victoria January 19, 2018 Reply

    Hi, Maria. I am chasing the same bag. Have you found it anywhere? I live in the UK.

  2. Maria December 5, 2017 Reply


    I,m about to buy extra mini or rectangular mini. What are the prices now in December 2017?
    Is it hard to find them in Italy or in Uk (in black colour)

    Thank you 😊

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