Chanel Daily Shopping Bag


Hold on, hold on…

Are you still on shopping spree?

Before you start spending like there’s no tomorrow, listen to what we’ve to share about the Spring Summer 2015 Collection Act 1.

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You see, we thought we’ve seen it all, until we spotted a handbag that you’ve never seen before and it’s killing you softly because its gorgeous.

Presenting a new Chanel handbag that’s perfect to use as an everyday bag. First, it’s quilted all over the body, compare it to the Chanel Classic Flap Bag re-molded into a shopping tote. It features two leather handles and it’s made with woven chain link for shoulder carry option. Lastly, you can’t deny that the CC logo signature charm is kind-of like the whipped cream on the cake, it’s what makes everything perfect.

The interior is large enough to store all your essentials and it also come with an internal pouch, which can be used as a clutch bag. So its basically two bag in one.

Well, do you think the GST is better or this handbag?

We’re also not sure what the style code of this handbag is, neither do we know the exact measurement, but it should be priced around €3850 euro.

Get it at Chanel boutique.



Pictures courtesy of: Parislyxonline


  1. Lisa March 14, 2018 Reply

    Hi everyone I have a Chanel handbag for sale it’s slightly used for 2300 US dollars if anyone is interested. Please contact me at(903) 363-2370 thank you.

  2. alexia October 20, 2015 Reply

    what is the price of last seasons chanel timeless classic WOC wallet on chain????

  3. Erin October 5, 2015 Reply

    I bought the same bag. But the left side basically collapsed (see pic). Anyone having the same problem?

  4. ReplytoAnonymous May 26, 2015 Reply

    Anonymous, since you bought the bag can you please share the code of this bag? I have been looking for it everywhere but cant seem to find it..


    • Cindy May 31, 2015 Reply

      Happy to help. 15P A94191Y01480
      Name on the tag is “Large Shopping > 30cm

  5. Zoe February 27, 2015 Reply

    Can u tell me the code of this bag ?

  6. Cintia February 21, 2015 Reply

    Which colors available girls? Blue and black only? Thanks!

    • Cindy February 28, 2015 Reply

      I only saw Black and Blue think those are the only colors.

  7. Cindy February 21, 2015 Reply

    Just bought this bag in Navy. It’s beautiful and great for work, fits my MacBook Air. One correction… That middle section isn’t removable. The flap is quilted but it’s just a secure middle compartment.

    • Sasha February 22, 2015 Reply

      Hi Cindy, congratulation and thanks for sharing this. May I know what price you paid?

      • Anonymous February 28, 2015 Reply

        Thanks, I bought mine at Heathrow Airport for £2,695.73. The regular boutique price is £3,235.00.

  8. Ahmon February 20, 2015 Reply

    How much is this bag

    • CC February 21, 2015 Reply

      Hi Ahmon, its around €3850 euro, do you like it?

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