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We have already written a long review about the Chanel clutch bag and included a model-image for your eyes to see. But there are no replacement for real-life pictures, so we decided to do it again, but together with Hanim, one of our lovely member.

We continuously receive many question about seasonal bags; are they discontinued or not? The Chanel Clutch bag is not a new bag, in fact, it was first released in 2011. Hanim discovered this bag after being recommended by the Shopping Assistance at chanel Rue Cambon in Paris. Oh gosh, love at first sight!

The first time she put her eyes on the Chanel Clutch bag, there was no turning back. She was attracted by the beauty and the glance, she knew she was in love and I can totally understand why. However, she didn’t know its name, the SA didn’t inform her either. It was not until she dropped a comment at our site that she discovered that it was actually a Chanel Clutch Bag.

Here’s a part of our conversation:


I find your blog excellent and has help ladies throughout the world including me to achieve our dream and becoming proud owners of high-end bags! Congratulations and well done!

Just for sharing, I just got back from Paris yesterday and delighted to inform that I can now add to the list of many wonderful buyers of the iconic Chanel double flap bag in jumbo caviar leather. I make the right decision to head straight to Chanel Rue Cambon instead of Galleries La Fayette as I was told the line was so long but not in my case. I was the first in line (hahaha there were NO line to be honest) at 10am (monday). As the door open, I was immediately greeted by Chanel SA and the rest is history… Wonderful experience! I also bought another Gorgeous sort of clutch bag in patent blue (ah… so silly of me because I didn’t know the name of this bag), bigger version of WOC and according to the SA the bag just came in the store. I fell in love with both bags beyond words.


I went to Chanel Rue Cambon on Monday 12th at 10am. I purchased:

1. Chanel Classic Double flap bag in Jumbo size, Black color, SHW in caviar leather (last piece in their stock for that week) but they still have a few lambskin.
2. Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s the bag! I got the new clutch as per the URL you gave me (WOC big sister) in gorgeous Blue color, patent/shiny leather.
Love, love, love both bags………



The Chanel Clutch bag may look smaller than the Chanel classic medium flap bag, but it’s surprisingly roomy and has the similar elegant appeal. Only the Chanel extra small and small bag are tinier from size.

Hanim told us that the customer service at chanel Rue Cambon is amazing, she had the experience of her life. The SA took all the bag she could find in the backroom for her to view. She had never thought to buy two bags, but who could resist the Chanel Clutch Bag?

More, this bag do not have a removable strap, instead it’s designed in such a way that you can hide the chain inside.

It’s versatile, elegant and just perfect, I love it. You can use it as a normal flap bag at day and change into a clutch at night. It has enough room for all your essentials and the beautiful blue patent is the ideal color to match all your classy styles.

Do you like the Chanel Clutch bag? I bet you do!

Read more about this bag at our forum.

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  • anna


    should I bought the Jumbo Classic flap bag or a chanel clutch bag???

    December 6, 2013
    • Hanim


      Hi Anna,

      I hope it’s not too late for me to share my 5cent opinion. I bought both bags at the same time and at same place which was at Rue Cambon, Paris. For me both bags are exquisite and gorgeous! I bought both bags for a few reasons:

      Jumbo Classic Double Flap (Caviar):

      1. Bigger in size and can fit lots of stuff
      2. More for daily and office/work usage
      3. Of course it’s Chanel iconic bag and the price will keep increasing.

      Clutch bag:

      1. Smaller in size as compared to jumbo double flap and need to be selective in what I chose to put in the bag.
      2. More suitable for luncheon, dinner, function or specific occasion.

      So, it depends on your needs and desire. Having said that, you won’t regret any of the choice you have to make because hey…it CHANEL and to own one or and add on is always every girls dream. Good Luck and enjoy your bag(s)

      January 13, 2014
  • Katherine Hands


    Hi guys.. I also eyeing for a chanel clutch.. it said oversize but can you tell me the exact size of the bag pls?? Is it more to medium classic flap bag or jumbo classic?? Thxx bebs…

    November 12, 2013
  • Anonymous


    Just bought this lovely clutch in Milan last month, price is Euro 1850. I guessed the price increased Euro 50.

    November 8, 2013
    • Hanim


      Congratulations! It’s so gorgeous right! What color is your clutch? Can you post it in the forum so we can take a look at it? I still have the same aww feelings every time I use my clutch.

      Enjoy your new precious possession!

      November 8, 2013
      • Anonymous


        Thanks! I got the dark brown caviar, almost black, the only one and last piece available. Was hoping to get it in red though. But it’s still gorgeous and I love it!

        November 9, 2013
        • Hanim


          OMG! I had similar experience like your. IT WAS THE LAST PIECE! Fantastic and I’m glad you grab the opportunity even if that was not your choice of color! And you love it! Congrats again.

          January 13, 2014
  • Jasmine


    I recently brought my first Chanel at the printemps off Haussmann in Paris, but unfortuneatly I have no idea what the name of the bag is and the SA took the white tag. My Chanel is very similar to this one it’s calfskin leather, however my strap isn’t connected from the inside, it connected from the outside by a leather loop! I love it, however I can’t find any information online anywhere- not even on the Chanel website! Can anyone help? And is there a way to post pictures?

    Thanks for the help!!!

    October 28, 2013
      • Anonymous


        Hi Alex,

        I uploaded a few pictures please check it out!


        October 29, 2013
  • Jenny



    I love the Chanel Clutch Bag! Do you know where I can find the same one but in black?

    October 13, 2013
    • Hanim


      Hi Jenny,
      Suggest you call Chanel boutiques to check if the have the bag availability as well as the desire color. I got my dark blue color in Chanel Rue Cambon in France.
      All the best Jenny.

      October 14, 2013
  • Nazia


    Hi Hanim
    Would you have the style code please?

    September 21, 2013
    • Hanim


      Hi Nazia,
      I’m not sure on the style code but on my purchase receipt it says SAC RABAT A65051Y0683096664. May be you can goggle on the net with A65051. Hope this help. Good luck!

      September 22, 2013
  • hayleye


    I know it has nothing to do with handbag but am trying to find a pair of the cc earrings from a couple of years ago! Do you by any chance know if chanel still sell them?

    September 11, 2013


      usually chanel earrings are seasonal.
      looking at couple years back, no i dont think so.
      well, if you’re lucky enough. maybe u see it repeat, or maybe in different size/color/texture.
      usually asia carry more range.
      try singapore maybe?

      October 3, 2013
  • Dewi Tan



    I love the chanel clutch bag. May i know how much is it?

    September 5, 2013
      • Hanim


        Hi Dewi & Alex,
        I got in 1,800 euro before VAT.

        September 9, 2013

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