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At Bragmybag we talk only about the good stuff. For example, have you seen these gorgeous Chanel Classic Shoulder Flap Bags yet? They weren’t shared on the Chanel official website, so we thought you might want to be informed. Because the more choices the better, right? Not only do they look stunning, but also the endless choices of colors make you dazzling. Are you going for the black, white or the candy light purple shade? Argh, life is hard isn’t?

These bags are introduced for the Spring Summer 2018 Collection.

The Design

There isn’t actually much to talk about the design of these new babies, because they are similar to the Classic Flap Bag. All of them feature the signature diamond quilting as well as the iconic smooth CC logo on the front. It comes with the same classic flap and also the woven chain leather strap that we so much adore. One of the main difference is that this bag is squared and not rectangle. Yet its not squared like the Mini Square Classic Bag. But it is squared shaped like a Classic Flap Bag that has grown a lower body. So for those fashion ladies that have been waiting for a bigger space of the Classic Bag, now it’s your chance to grab this beauty.

This handbag is available in many different colors and you can also pick between gold or silver hardware. It comes with a long strap for shoulder or cross body carry.

The Interior

And even tough we do not have the exact measurement of this new handbag, we do know that it much more spacious than the original Classic Flap Bags due to the extra bottom space. For more details, check with the SA as it might fit a small iPad.

The Sizes And Prices

Currently we do not have the style code, sizes and prices, check with the SA for more details.

More Images And Colors


Instagram @luksusowezakupy


Instagram @luksusowezakupy


Instagram @luksusowezakupy


  1. Hen February 15, 2018 Reply

    Hi, I bought the small one in Paris for 2900eur last month, and I’m superrr loving it.

  2. Kris February 8, 2018 Reply

    Hi Anonymous and Mia,

    1 USD=0.8155 EUR so its about 2691.15 in EUR. The measurement of this handbag is 7x9x3. The leather feels really soft and much lighter than the caviar classic bag. With 3 large space pockets, you can put a lot things in it. You also can use the leather part of the strap as a top handle. It’s a beautiful bag!

    • Anonymous February 8, 2018 Reply

      Thanks Kris. Beautiful bag.

  3. Mia February 8, 2018 Reply

    How much in euros?

  4. Anonymous February 7, 2018 Reply

    Hi Maria n Kris,
    Can share the measurements of the bag?

  5. Maria February 7, 2018 Reply

    imho it is the Chanel version of the LV Pochette Metis. I own the Large size in black with silver hardware. I am enjoying it tons!

  6. Kris February 7, 2018 Reply

    I just purchased an ivory one for 3,300. It’s gorgeous and I love it.

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