Chanel Chevron Mini Chain Wallet



Chanel L Flap Wallet? Chanel Yen Wallet? How about this fresh Chevron Mini Chain Wallet to fulfill your temporary lust for designer fashion. This wallet is exclusively crafted for the Fall Winter 2017 Collection and might never return once it’s gone. If you’re hunting for something that separate you apart from the busy crowd, then consider this new design.

The Design

No Chanel Classic Wallet can compare to this new Chevron Chain Wallet. And this design has never been done before. The shape of this wallet reminds me of the Boy Chanel Yen Wallet – it has a nice rectangle body. Then it’s decorated with jewel-like chains in chevron quilting. The mini chains resemble to golden necklaces and they’re pointing toward the iconic CC signature logo.

The wallet is made from butterly soft leather, it seems to be that Chanel has picked velvet for this design. The beautiful dark navy color enhances the shine of the gold hardware, especially the chains. It feels elegant, stunning beyond words, feminine and distinctive.

The Sizes And Prices

We don’t have the exact measurement of the size, but it’s comparable to the Boy Chanel Yen Wallet. To give you an estimation of the price, it’s retailing for €3300 euro with VAT.


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