Chanel Camera Bags for Cruise 2015 Collection


When we wrote about the Chanel Boy Bags from the Cruise 2015, we said the collection is going to be chic and gold. And we meant it.

Presenting the Chanel Camera Bag from the Cruise 2015 Collection.

Now, a little bit of history…

The Camera Bag is not a new accessory; in fact it was also presented in the Pre-Fall Winter 2013 Collection. The shape and so on, are almost identical. Of course, Chanel did a little twist here and a little twist there. And there you go, the upgraded version of the Chanel Camera Bag. And I have to say, if you compare the older version with this one, I love the new one more.

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Naturally, this bag is made to store your camera, but for those that want to use it as a casual item, that is also possible. Gold is definitely going to attract some attention, but that’s okay, this bag is beautiful and you deserve it.

It comes with the CC charm and a long shoulder strap. The bag is partly ‘quilted’ and partly ‘striped’, I love this new style.

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Another color for you to choose is ‘chocolate brown’, you know, like brownies. It’s beautified with golden hardware and this color is a little bit quieter and relaxing.

And if you compare the ‘gold’ version with ‘chocolate brown’, you will notice that the newest Chanel Camera Bag is going to be available in two sizes (at least), in small and medium.

The prices, style code and so on are not announced. We will keep you informed.


  • James


    What is you thought with the Kelly bag in the cruise collection? My mom is debating it but the price for small size is $5750 cad!

    November 9, 2014
    • James


      I guess you did a reviewed on it for Cruise 2014 and it is just re-offer for this season on Trendy CC! Thank you.

      November 10, 2014
      • James


        After looking at your previous review, I now know the bag is actually called Trendy CC. Sorry for the confusion as thats whay my SA refers to “Chanel Kelly”. For this cruise, they are re-offering it in Black, Beige, Green and Blue!

        November 11, 2014
          • james

            Yes we got the bag at the end!

            November 20, 2014

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