Chanel Boy Flap Bag Medium Plus


You might have heard the news already, but a new Chanel Boy Flap Bag in medium size has been released. We’ve been informed about this for some time, but wanted to learn more before dropping a review.


Monica: ‘Yes, the boy bag is in old medium size, the new medium they named it the medium plus’.

So, please meet Chanel Boy Flap Bag Medium Plus.

And yes, they did it again. Some time ago, Chanel discontinued the Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap Bag in single flap and then introduced the Jumbo in double flap. Of course, the new Jumbo is bigger and heavier. After that (in 2009), the Maxi Classic Flap Bag was born.

Is big and bigger the new trend?

Let’s compare the sizes first:


Chanel Boy Flap Bag Medium
Size: 5.7’ x 9.8’ x 3.5’
Price: $4,700 USD

Chanel Boy Flap Bag Medium Plus
Size: 7.1’ x 11’ x 3.5’
Price: $5,200 USD

As you can see, the Medium Plus is larger; I mean it’s really much bigger. Not only that, it comes with more interior pockets like a zip pocket and open pocket. And because of these extra features, the Chanel Boy Medium Plus Flap Bag is also heavier. Naturally, it also comes with a higher price tag, it’s $500 USD more expensive than the normal size.

Now, do you want to know what’s more interesting?

Let’s do another comparison. Let’s put the Medium next to the Medium Plus and add the Chanel Boy Large Flap Bag (In Metallic Calfskin for the Fall Winter 2014 Collection) too.


A real surprise huh? The Medium Plus is almost similar to the Large size. According to the dimension, it is, in some way, a bit bigger.

Let’s put the dimension together:
Chanel Boy Flap Bag Medium: 5.7’ x 9.8’ x 3.5’
Chanel Boy Flap Bag Medium Plus: 7.1’ x 11’ x 3.5’
Chanel Boy Flap Bag Large Size: 6.5’ x 11’ x 3.3’

So which one would you choose? The normal ‘Medium Size’ or the ‘Medium Plus Size?’. Here are two opinions:

Monica:’im 5’0 so i prefer old medium’.

Winni: ‘Cz of my height n size, I Can’t carry large size bag. So last year when I decide to buy le boy, I had tried small and old medium. Small size suit me more while old medium only longer than small from mirror view. It’s the length of the bag kinda not match with the height of the bag’.

When to choose the Chanel Boy Medium Plus Flap Bag?
First, it’s a personal choice. If you love larger handbags, then why not? Then personal choice again, if you are the type of person that loves to store a lot of essentials, then the Medium Plus is perfect for you. Then it’s your height, if you are not that tall, like 5’0 or so (just like what Monica says), then bigger bags might not look good on you. Then you should just go for the medium size.

Now, a few more additional information before we let you digest the new information:

Kiki: ‘Help! My friend went to Germany Chanel store they said that the Boy bag in Black color has discontinued?! Is that true? Im desperate for a black boy bag, she’s going to France tomorrow, hope she can find something. Is that true that they discontinued?’

Kiki: ‘It’s the old medium Quilted Boy bag in black, my friend went to Paris she get the same respond. They say it seasonal and it has discontinued now they only have bright colors’.

And so, what do you think? Let us know =).

  • Rachelle


    Hi Im just wondering how can you tell if the boy bag is authentic? Is any bag with serial number that matches the authenticity card legit?


    October 7, 2015
  • Laura


    hey there! i just called my SA and asked him about the black color issue.
    what he said:
    the boy bag is a seasonal bag! it is not a “classic” or “permanent” bag like the flap that is always available no matter what. it is seasonal and so is every color it comes in. that means that at the end of every season it will get harder to get one but it should be pretty easy to get one at the beginning of a season, which kind of balances out right? 😀 the trouble here is only that the black one is the most wanted one so they are out of stock pretty rapidly 🙂
    so NO black is not being discontinued it is just a tad harder to find 🙂

    August 1, 2015
    • Cynthia


      Great explanation! Everyone want the black color, its sold-out everywhere in Europe. Very frustrated to get this bag. But I have friends that choose navy blue bcuz the black is sold-out.

      August 3, 2015
    • jen


      Hi I was wondering if you could give me the measurement of the chain on the leboy. I heard it was heavy on the shoulders. Whats the thickness of it,etc.I cant find the answer anywhere

      August 18, 2015
  • Lisa


    The author is correct. I just came back from Paris a few days ago and the SA’s at every Chanel store that I’ve shopped at (even the one on Rue Cambon) calls the new medium boy the “medium plus”. And not sure if black is discontinued but there were plenty of black boy bags available when I was there.

    November 26, 2014
  • Winnie


    Forget to say, both NM and Saks call this as large/new medium

    Large size, (also called the new medium), (11 inches left to right, 6 1/2 inches top to bottom, 3 inches thickness)

    November 12, 2014
  • Winnie


    NM also call new medium large now so your reference is off and odd

    What you called medium plus is the same as large

    November 12, 2014

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