Chanel Archi Chic O Case


The iconic Chanel O Case are continuously being mixed with different styles. For example; there is an Ancient Greek Chevron O Case, Camellia Quilted Diamond O Case, Gabrielle O Case and now the Archi Chic O Case has joined as well. And of course, Of course the Classic Version of the O Case will always remain the most popular.

As a side note: this bag is introduced for the Cruise 2018 Collection.

The Design


Even tough the design is inspired by the O Case, the exterior looks completely different. The Archi Chic style is a new style and it features a nose-like flap. The center of the flap is crafted with a rough and vintage-like CC logo due to the silver metal black hardware. The CC logo is supported with metal pieces on both sides.

The Archi Chic style is always part smooth leather and part diamond quilted. That’s why the bottom part of this O Case is diamond quilted and the top part is in smooth leather.


This bag is made from grained calfskin, which feels nice, luxurious but it’s also durable and it’s easier to maintain.

The Interior

The interior of the Archi Chic O Case is the same like the Classic O Case. The interior is made with one big compartment and a zip pocket. However, the Archi Chic style might be slightly different, there might be an extra pocket behind the flap.

The Sizes And Prices

Style code A71601, measuring 9.4’ x 13.8’ x 1.6’ inches, priced at $1525 USD, $2075 CAD, €1490 euro, £1380 GBP, $2500 SGD, $13000 HKD, $2320 AUD, ¥198720 JPY, MYR via Chanel boutiques.

There might be a small size available also. If so, then the size of the small size is measured: 7.9’ x 10.8’ x 0.4’ inches.


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