Chanel Ancient Greek Chevron WOC

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Chanel Ancient Greek Chevron WOC


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In the Cruise 2018 Collection, there is endless of Ancient Greek inspired Wallet On Chain Bags. Take for example the Chevron Classic WOC, Greek Quilted WOC and the Braided WOC with Greek Charm. But your choices don’t end here, because there is another new bag (not featured on Chanel website). Meet the Chanel Ancient Greek Chevron WOC.

The Design

This Chanel WOC is a seasonal piece; it’s not the Classic Quilted WOC. The design of this WOC is very similar to the Braided WOC. Both has long flap and is beautified with the Ancient Greek Charm.

Even tough it’s a limited seasonal item; the overall appearance of this handbag look classic and timeless. The body is made in Chevron Quilting and it features the smooth CC logo in the center. The woven chain leather strap boasts it’s feminine style and the Ancient Greek charm makes it one-of-a-kind because it will be discontinued forever after this collection ends.

If you already own a Classic WOC or you want to purchase something different, then this is your opportunity.

The Interior

The interior of this handbag is similar to the Classic WOCs. Inside you will find several compartments including card slots to help you organize your daily essentials. This handbag is small, so the interior only fits your most important necessities.

The Sizes And Prices

Because this is a new bag and not featured on Chanel website, we do not have the style code. However, the size is measured around 4.8’ x 7.6’ x 1.4’ inches and is priced around $2100 USD, €1865 euro, £1730 GBP, $3130 SGD, $16200 HKD, 9850 MYR via Chanel boutiques.

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