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Chanel 19 Bag

Chanel Bag

Chanel Small 19 Bag Prices
United States 6400 USD
Canada 8050 CAD
Europe 6100 EURO
England 5360 GBP
Singapore 9160 SGD
Hong Kong 49300 HKD
Australia 8430 AUD
Japan 772200 JPY
Malaysia 24800 MYR
China 5940 CNY
Korea 7670000 WON
Thailand 209000 BAHT
Switzerland CHF

Chanel 19 Bag Prices
United States $7100 USD
Canada $8850 CAD
Europe €6700 EURO
England £5890 GBP
Singapore 10060 SGD
Hong Kong $54200 HKD
Australia $10850 AUD
Japan ¥987800 JPY
Malaysia 30990 MYR
China ¥51800 CNY
Korea 9440000 WON
Thailand 252000 BAHT
Switzerland 6970 CHF
Vietnam 179520000 VND
Taiwan 230000 TWD
UAE 27090 AED

Chanel Large 19 Bag Prices
United States $7500 USD
Canada $9425 CAD
Europe €7150 EURO
England £6290 GBP
Singapore 10730 SGD
Hong Kong $57800 HKD
Australia $11580 AUD
Japan ¥1053800 JPY
Malaysia 33070 MYR
China ¥55200 CNY
Korea 10080000 WON
Thailand 269000 BAHT
Switzerland 7440 CHF
Vietnam 191580000 VND
Taiwan 245500 TWD
UAE 28910 AED

The pressure is on Virginie Viard to take Chanel forward, following the blueprint of Karl Lagerfeld. And without a doubt, the Chanel 19 Bag was one of the projects when Karl was still alive and it pays tribute to the long-standing 2.55 Bag.

Where does the number 19 come from?

It has been named after the year it was born, 2019. Although nickname is simple, but the bag is not. The design tells more than a thousand words. The chain is definitely boy-inspired as it’s large, shiny and attention-grabbing. However, the chain is divided in two separated colors. There are mixes of gold and silver but also gold and dark silver.

The signature detail must be the latest CC logo. It’s spotted in the center, crafted in stylish woven chain design. The woven chain style is 100% one of the symbols of Chanel.

There is more to talk about though, like the diamond quilting. As you can see, the quilting is purposely designed in large size.

It could be that the 19 Bag is going to become the next modern choice beside the Trendy CC and the Coco Handle Bag. I find it much more sophisticated than those two handbags, especially due to the mix of gold hardware design and the eye-catching CC logo.

For the latest season, this bag is crafted in either goatskin, lambskin and wool tweed. Goatskin is as durable as calfskin while the lambskin is less solid but still durable. The Wool Tweed is perfect for the upcoming winter.

Also, unlike the other classic bags, the 19 Bag will be available in single colors but also in multi-colors.

When the Gabrielle Bag was released, it was not just 1 bag; it was whole collection including a backpack, purse bag and small accessories like the WOC. For the Chanel 19 Bag, they did the same thing. Besides the regular flap bags, there are also small accessories like the waist bag or the WOC version.

Chanel Small 19 Bag
Style code: AS1160
Size: 6.3’ x 10.2‘ x 3.5’ inches

Chanel 19 Bag
Style code: AS1161
Size: 7.9’ x 11.8‘ x 3.9’ inches

Chanel 19 Large Bag
Style code: AS1162
Size: 9.8’ x 14.2’ x 4.3’ inches

Chanel Bag Chanel Bag Chanel Bag
Chanel Bag Chanel Bag Chanel Bag
Chanel Bag Chanel Bag Chanel Bag

Chanel Bag

  • Cindy


    How do I purchase a bag?

    March 6, 2021


      Hi i am looking for a gold chanel 19 bag , could you tell me if you have any available and how do i go about purchasing one?

      June 17, 2022
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    February 16, 2020

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