Celine Luggage Tote Spring 2014 Prices


Celine Luggage handbag in
Multicolour Textured Calfskin Cream

When we told you that Celine Summer 2014 Collection wasn’t out yet, we certainly did ‘not’ wanted to disappoint you. And definitely not for those passionate Celine hunters who are (already) looking for the styles, colors and prices of their next luggage tote. Though the Summer Collection is not in store yet, the Spring 2014 does. If you can’t wait, let us guide you through.

To kick start your Spring on the right way, consider the Celine Luggage Handbag in multi-colors. Actually you don’t have much chooses, these are from the new collection, no single-colors unfortunately. And thus, pick between the shades of Cream (mixture of brown, beige and black), Pistachio (Yup, I love Pistachio ice cream too) and in baby blue (a powerful blend of black, light blue and emerald green). Okay, an honest question; who doesn’t love the Luggage totes? They are famous for their faces; the handles represent the eyes, the zipper characterizes the mouth, a bag with a face.

If you are a determined fashionista, then by now, probably, you will be shouting: ‘Stop the chit chat and give me the prices!’

Alright, alright…, Geez!

The Celine Luggage handbags in M ulticolour and TexturedCalfskin are priced at $4,000 USD/€2.800 EUR.

Made from the best of the best calfskin leather, the multi color version is a bit more expensive than the single colors, but that’s obvious. These vibrant colors make a statement every time you carry them downtown. keep updated of the latest releases, like our Facebook page.


Celine Luggage handbag in
Multicolour Pony Calfskin Baby Blue


Celine Luggage handbag in
Multicolour Pony Calfskin Pistachio

  • Dorothy


    Ya, a bag with a face! Looooooooove!!!!!

    February 15, 2014

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