Celine Fall 2018 Bag Collection Preview


Celine is introducing the Fall 2018 Collection and we’re seeing more than just minimalistic handbags. We want to chat about two of those handbags that caught our attention. One of them is really oversized (huge) but stunning and definitely a must-have. The second one is unique because it’s not minimal.

Celine Signature Oversized Bag


We don’t really know the name yet, but a picture can tell a thousand words. This bag is huge, oversized! Maybe bigger than the Big Bag, but we love it. Take a closer look. Probably it’s made from canvas with leather handles. And there is the logo on the front, also oversized! Since when does Celine create a bag with such a huge logo? It’s the first-time ever, so it’s unique. Love the sign: ‘Celine Paris, Made in Italy’.

This incredible hulk-sized bag is perfect for shopping! What do you think?

Celine C Print


Every top designer brand is coming up with their own signature print, so Celine has some catching-up to do. This large shopping bag is designed in leather, but refined with green C logo for Celine. And the C is designed all over the body of the bag. It’s very rare that Celine comes up with such a distinctive style, so is this a must-have then?

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  1. Lori May 24, 2018 Reply

    What are they thinking? Thank goodness for the classics and them staying around!

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