Celine Business Card Case


A simple life is sometimes a much better life. Fashion can be simple too, if you cannot choose, then just go with the classics. That’s why we want to introduce the Celine Business Card Case for those who love to organize their purses. Or for the career woman who has mountain of cards. Yes it simple, but effective!

The Design

No distractions, no logo’s and no mix of colors, this Business Card is serious. And of course, it’s made from durable and impeccable calfskin leather, so you don’t need to worry about maintenance or care. Just drop it inside your bag, or slip it in your pocket.

When an eye catches this Business Card, the only thing that goes to the mind is the thought of the luxurious leather. The front is printed with the house’s logo, but very gentle and with small letters. The calfskin leather feels grainy and strong. But more importantly, the interior can hold a lot of cards.

The Interior


The interior is not boring and is made in bright color. So whenever you open the Business Card Case, you will feel happy. Inside, you can store a lot of cards. And also, the Case opens and closes with a snap button. There are two main compartments though.

The Prices And Sizes

Measuring 4’ x 3’ x inches, priced at $465 USD, €320 EUR, £295 GBP, $600 SGD, $3650 HKD, $580 AUD, ¥51000 JPY, 3400 CNY via Celine boutiques.

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