Celine Bridge Locket Chunky Clutch

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Celine Bridge Locket Chunky Clutch


I’m dreaming about the Chanel Kisslock clutch aka the Timeless Clutch. But if the quilting is not on today’s must-wear list, then perhaps the latest Celine Bridge Locket Chunky Clutch will do. This bag is everything you need from day-to-night – it’s spacious, it adapts to formal and informal outfits, it’s timeless and can be worn in every occasion. Introduced for the Summer 2018 Collection, let’s chat about the tiny details.

The Design

The Bridge Locket Chunky Clutch is a no-BS handbag. There are no unnecessary prints, colors or other components added that distract anyone from the important focus, which is the craftsmanship and leather. But that only makes it better right? Take a big look at the minimalistic design; the bag is crafted with a timeless and classic appeal, which makes it easy to wear in casual days as well as formal days.

The beautiful trapezoid-shape with flexible and soft leather on both sides make it feel luxurious and classy. The top features the brass closure that can be opened and close very easily. And what’s good to know is that it’s made from strong and low-maintance calfskin leather. Which means no more babying.

The Interior


For a clutch bag, the size of the Bridge Locket Chunky Clutch is quite big. The interior however, is only crafted with one main compartment including a flat pocket. But that’s okay because it means more space.

The Prices And Sizes

Measuring 11’ x 4’ x 4’ inches, priced at $2550 USD, €1800 EUR, £1650 GBP, $20000 HKD, $3200 AUD, ¥290000 JPY, 18500 CNY Celine boutiques.

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