Celine Boxy Handbag


Ha! This is the typical Celine bag, focused on quality and streamlined, in other word – an one flavor cupcake with no sprinkles or whipped cream on top.

As you might know, Celine presented their Fall 2014 Collection last week and we reviewed only the classic bags so far. The Celine Boxy Handbag, unlike the Celine Classic Box, is an entirely new addition. But we aren’t sure yet whether this bag will stick around or will disappear in the next season. But either way, it’s a win-win situation for you, because…

If it will be discontinued, then you own a limited edition designer bag. A Celine bag that only you and a few people around the world have, how cool is that?

If not, then this bag has proof itself to be worthy to join the rank of the ‘classic line’ and it will be retro next season. Either way, you win.

The Celine Boxy Handbag has the timeless look – flexible to tote for work and after-work. It will gladly match to your chic and formal clothes, basically it’s a bag for the hard working girl or the business woman.

Available in three fall colors; burgundy, tan (brown) and black, it’s made from calfskin. If you are curious about the prices, come back over a few weeks. We will update this post. And like our Facebook page to support us.




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