Bragmybag News: Louis Vuitton Europe Purchase Restrictions


Sometimes we want to shout itsy and bitsy information to our community. These are interesting news but they are too small to writing an entire post about it. So we kept it on our to do list and say to ourselves: maybe next, maybe next…

But not anymore, we’re going to gather it and share it in a single post every week.

Sight! It has already been more than 1 year since I started BRAGMYBAG and what a journey it was. We’ve gone through three major site developments and this is our latest mobile version. We had been hacked, twice! Content being copied and spread all over the Internet, but our focus is still the same, we want to provide as much relevant and valuable information to lighten up your shopping experience.

And we want to ask, if there is anything that our site can help you more, or perhaps some information you would love to know every week.

Ideas and feedbacks are always welcome.

Chanel GST Jumped And Dropped
Let’s start with some bad news, the Chanel GST was included in the worldwide price increase, it’s considered one of the iconic’s. The price jumped from €1950 euro to €2700 euro and in the UK, it increased from £1755 to £1945 GBP.

That’s not funny!

The price of the GST in the Asian countries should have decreased.

For those that are hunting for the GST, you can get it at the Heathrow airport for £1620 GBP.

Celine Slashes Prices In The Middle East
Fresh from Lush: ‘I have some good news for brag my bag devotees in the Midddle East. Celine just slashed prices. Just bought my Micro for 9840 riyals reduced from 11000. So pleased! It was actually a gift from my big sis ……so chuffed!!!’

Thanks Lush!

Louis Vuitton’s First Limited Purchase Enforcement
Our friend Azreen went shopping in Italy and got kicked by a terrible news. Louis Vuitton is going to enforce limited purchase in Europe too.

Are purchase restrictions the next big thing in fashion?

Tourist can now only buy up to 5 items per passport within the duration of 6 months. And you cannot cheat on it because their complex system is interconnected, meaning that if you buy 5 items in Rome, you cannot buy in Paris because they will know.

Thanks Azreen!

Well, here are the first three itsy and bitsy information, we hope they’re helpful. And don’t forget to let us know about your ideas and how our site can serve you better. Just drop some thoughts in the comments!

  • Wanie Idayu


    YES, for LV u can’t buy the same item -they can check, BUT they will let u buy as many as you want as long as it’s not the same article -depending on the SA also. Junior SA will be too afraid to let u buy anything if you already buy many items even though it’s not the same item.

    June 29, 2015
  • Amy


    Hi There,

    Well, we just came back from Europe (Spain & Paris) on early May. Yes, it’s true that Louis Vuitton are enforcing it’s new policy…. Limited Purchase on their products.

    The SA told us that each person are not allowed to purchase more than three pieces of the same articles.
    Same goes with Chanel. One bag and a purse. Max two pairs of earrings.

    Hope this helps.

    May 26, 2015
  • ZILA


    so does in Malaysia. All classics remained price. The SA mentioned, Malaysia will not be effected by the changes. xox Z

    May 26, 2015
  • yvonne


    I just bought a GST from 31 Rue Cambon on 28 april for €2700 (i wasn’t aware that the price has gone up in Paris). So when i came back to Singapore to check out GST price, expecting it to drop since it is a classic, the SA told me that the price has remained the same at S $4250. So for singapore, the price has not decreased (thank goodness, if not i ought to kick myself.)

    May 9, 2015

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