Boy Chanel Triangle Bi-Color Wallets


Fresh from the racks of Chanel’s Spring Summer 2017 Collection, these Boy Chanel Triangle Wallets are some fashionable pieces you’d want to be seen carrying around. Offering a fresh take when it comes to playing with colors, it’s a new design that’s only available this season, so grab then when you still can.

Stylish and fashion-forward, these Boy Chanel wallets sport the bi-color design which proves to be trendy nowadays. The bi-color effect is crafted in a triangular fashion either on the flap part or in the middle part. Aside from this, it also features stitches around the edges for an added flair.

Now let’s move on to the wallet details. It features genuine lambskin that is stylishly complemented by its black on black metal hardware. The black on black metal boy clasp can be found in the center, which was once very rare, is now widely available exclusively in this collection.

For those who prefer a multi-functional wallet, worry not for there is a Boy Chanel Triangle Bi-Color Wallet on Chain Bag which proves to be practical as you can carry it by the hand or over the shoulder thanks to its chained shoulder strap.

For wallet lovers who are wishing for a bigger pouch, there is also a bi-color triangle Boy Chanel Pouch which can hold your essentials such as your mirror, lipstick, and even your pressed powder.

Aesthetic wise, these wallets are simply elegant with the interplay of either black and white, black and navy blue, or black and beige. Now, have you decided which one you’ll be reaching for upon your next visit in the Chanel boutique store?

Boy Chanel Triangle Bi-Color Flap Wallet
Style code: A80286
Size: 4.1’ x 7.6’ x 1.2’ inches
Prices: $1025 USD, €1045 euro, £945 GBP, $1600 AUD, $8600 HKD, $1680 SGD, ¥128520 JPY

Boy Chanel Triangle Bi-Color Zipped Wallet
Style code: A80815
Size: 4.1’ x 7.7’ x 0.8’ inches
Prices: $1200 USD, €1150 euro, £1030 GBP, $1760 AUD, $9400 HKD, $1850 SGD, ¥141480 JPY

Boy Chanel Triangle Bi-Color Wallet On Chain
Style code: A80287
Size: 4.8’ x 7.6’ x 1.4’ inches
Prices: $2300 USD, € 2160 euro, £1950 GBP, $3310 AUD, $17700 HKD, $3470 SGD, ¥264600 JPY

Boy Chanel Triangle Bi-Color Pouch
Style code: A80570
Size: 9.4’ x 13.8’ x 0.6’ inches
Prices: $1400 USD, €1350 euro, £1210 GBP, $2070 AUD, $11100 HKD, $2170 SGD, ¥165240 JPY








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