Balenciaga City Bag VS Louis Vuitton Antheia

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Balenciaga City Bag VS Louis Vuitton Antheia


Have you ladies taken notice to Louis Vuitton’s Antheia hot bag lately? In person, the bag is actually really elegant and classy. So, if you only had one to choose from which would you choose: the Louis Vuitton Antheia bag or the Balenciaga City bag? When considering this choice, don’t let the price difference play a role.

In further reading, you’ll discover that surprisingly the LV Antheia is more expensive the Balenciaga City bag. And not to mention, Balenciaga bags are almost always at minimum $1,500 USD. I usually choose bags based on the aesthetic and quality. Price isn’t really a factor. However, it’s always the higher priced bags that are more eye-catching and in demand than the lesser priced bags.

Louis Vuitton Antheia Hobo Sizes
Small size: PM (13.8” x 11”) $2,950 USD
Medium size: MM (15” x 12.6”) $3,060 USD
Large size: GM (18.1” x 15.4”) $3,480 USD

Balenciaga City Bag Sizes
This luxurious bag is the Balenciaga City bag. It’s an extremely popular Balenciaga bag and is always being compared to the LV Antheia bags.
Size: 9.4” x 14.8” x 5,5” Price: $1,545 USD

Which One to Choose?
This is not a particularly easy decision. The Antheia is more of a formal looking bag. It’s more put together and classy than the Balenciaga City bag. However, this is not a bad thing. The Balenciaga City bag is more of a relaxed, every day bag. It has the versatility to be used during everyday activities.

Personally, if I had to just choose one I would choose the Louis Vuitton Antheia bag. The Antheia fits my life more than the Balenciaga City bag because I have to have a formal appearance at most times. I still wouldn’t mind having a Balenciaga City bag for when I have days off, though.

When price and value of the bag are concerned the winning decision may be quite apparent. I can’t blame a person for wanting to choose a cheaper price Balenciaga bag over a Louis Vuitton. Most Balenciaga bags are priced over $1,500 while LV bags can range as low as $500 all the way up to $3,000. So, is it worth choosing the Balenciaga City bagjust for the sake of owning a Balenciaga bag?

What do you ladies think? I would definitely love to hear your opinion on this?


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