Are Chanel PST, PTT And Medalllion Discontinued?


We have seen the Chanel petite shopping tote, the petite timeless tote and the medallion suddenly disappearing on the Chanel website in July 2012 It seems like Chanel is slowly removing some of their classic bag out of their site.. It made a few of us think that Chanel have discontinued their bags. We have contacted the SA and apparently the bag are out-of-stock. What’s their next move?

Some Celine bags are hard to find. Even if you have cash, you still need to locate your favorite bag. It can be anywhere and anytime. Do you think the waiting list will help? It’s a hard-to-get strategy. The harder to get, the more we get obsessed.

And what’s Chanel doing? Some boutiques are not storing medallion anymore and the stocks of the other classics are becoming limited. Your chances of getting these bags are thinner. Will they discontinued the PST, PTT and the medallion? No one knows, but they are still in high demand. It will be crazy to discontinue these gorgeous. But I do think they will be harder to find.


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  • Fiona


    Does anyone know the price for the PST in Canadian dollars?

    April 14, 2013

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